CIYO Retreat International, Salento

Four days the retreat path to spend together, in the heart of Salento at the masseria le Sciare: a place of women for women, magical and enchanting, where you can walk and meditate to recharge with new energy. In this splendid setting, with the help of Italian and European faculties and the complicity of a Mindfullness coach, we will observe our lives retracing the entire journey.

We will explore, in a systemic way, the development cycles of women.
We will draw your personal story, the one that led you to this stage of development. We will experience the 'symbols process', a unique process, in small groups, to identify and address your current and emerging challenges, looking at them from different perspectives. We will give you different tools to use to fully develop your leadership and your feminine potential and then try them together.
In summary, the workshop is:

A path of reconquest of yourself, of your life, of alignment with who you want to be, in private life and in work
Followed by a team of certified facilitators with years of experience in this role. In addition to the seminar you will benefit from two individual support sessions, before and after the program. A deep work in a group, to accompany the transformation of each one and to constitute a network
An integrated approach, which involves mind, psyche, heart, body to let emerge lasting projects in tune with yourself.



Daniela Mattia

Board Member, Coach & Facilitator Faculty CIYO Italy


Cécile Masson

Board Member, Coach & Facilitator, Europe CIYO


Laura Belluco

Coach & Facilitator Faculty CIYO Italy



Monica Mincuzzi

Mindfullness coach

Graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature. She ranged between being an interpreter for major fashion and design brands (Coveri, Alessi) and managing a successful catering to finally give space to her passion: Meditation.

Mindfulness instructor MBSR protocol, she follows the teachings of Buddhist, Christian, Zen and mantra meditation practices. She loves the Itria valley, its landscape and its people where she takes refuge as soon as she can.

She has a son and a very enterprising dog.


Friday 8 April



14:00Check-inHistory and founding principles of CIYO
First tools of CIYO Leadership Style 
20:30Dinner at the MasseriaAfter dinnerMeditation

Saturday 9 Aprile



7:00Sun salutation (meditation)8:00Breakfast9:00Archetypes11:00Reflective practice13:00Lunch at the Masseria


15:00Introspective work on the self: Symbols Process17:00Tea time17:30Introspective work on the self: Symbols Process20:00Dinner at the MasseriaDopo cenaMeditation

Sunday 10 Aprile



7:00Sun salutation (meditation)8:00Breakfast9:00Shadow11:00Containers for re-entryThe creative process13:00Lunch at the Masseria


15:00Celebration16:50Check out

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